Macroeconomic data

  • Business and economic surveys include comprehensive coverage of market expectations, which present forecasts for the country's main indicators
  • Labour market sector provides in-depth statistics on the Brazilian labour market and may be used for socioeconomic analysis and government policy formulation
  • Government and public finance sector releases comprehensive information that helps to understand the Central Bank fiscal policy.



 Industry sectors

  • Brazil remains the world's top producer of biofuel - this sector is covered in extensive detail. 
  • Complete coverage of the machinery & equipment and metal & steel sectors include 8-digit foreign trade time series classified by NCM, production, sales, and financial data
  • The energy sector, one of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil, covers energy production, consumption, trade, sales, and price statistics



  • Next-generation CDMNext platform integrated into user workflow with 24/5 specialized help-desk support.
  • Unmatched coverage of Brazil’s growth drivers, including the energy, the biofuel, and the automobile sector
  • Regional data for Brazil’s 5 regions, 27 Federative units, & 6,000 municipalities
  • 13 macroeconomic & 23 industry growth sectors

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